With a friend I talked about the following image: during winter, a tree has no other option than to resist winter’s cold every day, all day long, or to die. The tree lives each second within winter, defying the cold – painfully, if we would be a tree; for months we’d stand there, craving the sun and missing the sprouting treetop.
We, on the other hand, protect ourselves against the cold, maybe too often or too much. But the cold can be a constructive force, as you can see watching Wim Hof – and suddenly the merciless cold turns into a usefull gift, the Danube turns into flowing health and the body uncovers hidden surprises.
In my coming book webless, I try to answer a thought that runs through my mind: in a world, where technology covers all our needs, will nihilism be the normal philosophy of life? And what are the consequences of that?
For me, our current world seems to walk on the edge, full of uncertainty: the future seems as black as beautiful and questions each day with its potential. My dream of becoming an artist who lives from his art, is penetrated continiously with meaning and forces me to state if there’s something more important or more necessary to be done, that also includes my abilities.
I think that asking such a question is only possible, if you’re lucky enough to live in a peaceful, luxurious society which gifts you freedom.

Vienna, 2020