Blog #7

Deceleration, death. Less pollution, panicmongering. In the beginning I didn’t want to write about it. But it’s inevitable – as inspiring. Isn’t it beautiful to see such drastic measures, when human life is on the line? And how sad is it, at the same time, that those measures bring so much suffering with them?
Chasms open up between those who bad-mouth the facts. Facts. So many factors that each judgement, and everything well-meant contains some quantity of truth. And me, myself, as a normal guy? How do I have to understand this stream of information, when one is too considerate , while the other side isn’t reckless enough? Pro and Contra. Whereas the present speaks for itself, almost independetly, doesn’t it? What is happening? What has happened? What could all of this mean? As the german rapper Samy Deluxe says in his song „Back to us“:

„Wireless world, wireless LAN universe,
international internet without distance
virtual proximity, virtual life,
virtual cancer for a spiritual soul
listen, to what I tell you
this isn’t a light fare
are those grey cells rusted? No motivation
to think for a bit, is it too hard for you?
Do you need a full story, how, when, what and who
so that you can follow up? What, hm? Oh yes, him“

The inevitable desire for security, no matter how. In such a way, that the two-sidedness of the happening slides through the sieve-like brain. To each perspective there is a an opposed one, isn’t there? It seems to me, that everything has a shadow. Everything. Even the shadow has a shadow, which shines quiet brightly. This dualism appears to me, as if each situation, and not only the current one, tests me, tests us, what the own perspective exactly is and why it is as it is.

Just a quick word about my work: the first serious canvas has soaked up enough paint and I’ll put it on the website next week.
The first part of the „netless“ trilogy blossoms in those times of isolation.
All the readings that would have happened with Jung Wien 14‘ are cancelled, of course. But in return: one of my poems will be published in the next edition of „Literarisches Österreich“.

I wish you all a reasonable time!